Ducted Heating Systems: Insulate Your Entire Home

As the very name suggests ducted heating Melbourne is a system of central heating unit which is connected to a series of ducts or outlets. The system can either be installed in ceiling void or floor. The system is used in homes, offices, shopping centers, hospitals, movie theaters and every possible enclosed gathering space for humans. Furnishing a home or any other space of use is always accompanied by installing the right systems. This is where these heating units come to real use. These easy to install systems are efficient in providing heat in the entire space where it acts. When it comes to homes, choosing the right system is necessary as it decides the energy costs, efficiency and the amount of heat which reaches home.

Know How It Works
The system draws air from outside a building into the heater, which warms the air and circulates to different rooms through ducts. A network of ducts is called Ductwork. Fresh incoming air from outer atmosphere is absorbed which is then allowed to pass through the heater. The warm air is circulated to different rooms using heat pumps. When the room gets warm enough, the extract warm moist stale air is absorbed by the system and is thrown out of the building. This continuous process keeps the place warm.

Features You Get
The system comes with number of features which enables a user to effectively control the heating system. It is usually equipped with remote controls with functions like child lock, group control. The group control feature can work simultaneously for multiple heat pumps and regulate the temperature of an entire building at one go. Some systems allow zoning up of areas, home and away function, multiple fan speed settings, auto restart with previously saved settings and self-diagnostics among others.

Right Heating Systems for Your Needs
•    Gas Ducted Heating Unit- It is the most common and widely used heating system, since gas is considered cost effective. This unit is powered by gas and warms the cold air by means of gas combustion.
•    Reverse Air Cycle Heating Unit- This system uses thermal energy for heating. It carries thermal energy from outside and makes it pass through heating coils. The refrigerant absorbs this heated air and is transported to the entire building through the ducts.
•    HEG Air Circulation System- Warm air from heaters rises to ceiling level which is pumped to the rooms using air pump and insulated ducting. Continuous circulation of warmed air mixes with the room temperature and warms the room.
•    Ducted Heating Systems involved ducts as an important element and it is important to know about different duct types available.
•    Flexible Air Duct- This type of ducts is made of spring steel wire helix and polymer plastic. These are less energy efficient as compared to its counterparts.
•    Sheet Metal Air Duct- These are made out of aluminium or galvanized steel and hence are more durable thanks to its material.
•    Fibreboard Air Duct- These ducts are made from compressed resin and inorganic glass fibres. These are less noisy and extremely insulated, thus preventing heat loss.