Alarmed About Hair Fall?

If you are a woman, you might be alarmed about losing hair that seems more than average, each time you brush, blow-dry or style your hair. Being concerned about hair fall is normal. As women, our crowning glory is our hair, and a good thick head of hair in women is respected and admired.Anyone would love to have a long thick mane, of luscious hair, but for many it is simply a dream. Good hair care is essential if you want to preserve your hair and prevent hair fall. A

nutritious diet full of iron, good hair hygiene and regular shampooing can go a long way to prevent hair fall. Female hair loss treatment can be done for all the hair with thinning hair strands that will ultimately fall, and you will be left with exposed bald patches in your scalp. Realizing this earlier and treating the condition before it gets worse is essential to address the issue and to prevent further hair loss. There is a topical cream called Rogaine, available that encourages hair growth. It’s used by both men and women, and is a very effective method to fight hair loss. Make sure your diet includes, power foods such as spinach and other iron rich foods, and make sure you take plenty of vitamins, as they will help you fight hair loss from within.

Regular scalp massages and hair tonics can help too.More than men suffer from hair loss and it is estimated that 50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from the condition ‘Androgenic Alopecia’, which is known as male pattern baldness. It is hereditary, and you will be more likely to get it if your relatives in the maternal side of your family, had male pattern baldness. Hair loss in men first appears at the temples or at the crown of the head. There is nothing much anyone can do about it. Male hair loss can be addressed by a good iron rich diet and proper hair care. Men’s hair loss treatment is not completely possible, and there is still no cure for the condition of male pattern baldness.

If you are desperate and if your self-esteem and ego is affected by hair loss, then this calls for extreme measures. The most expensive remedy available is hair transplants. Hair transplants do not come cheap, carries the risk of possible scarring or infection. You can even try a wig, but this could be humiliating if discovered. There are many hair loss treatments available in the market, which you could try, before hair loss becomes a problem. Prevention is always better than cure. Male pattern baldness is fairly common, therefore it should not be a problem, but it could take a big it on your self confidence.