Before you invest in buying a caravan and plan a holiday on it, there are certain things that you should know about caravan towing. Some of these things include as to whether can I tow my caravan with the license I contain? What additional kit is required for caravan towing? How am I supposed to work out with the towing weight and etc? There is a lot to consider before you put your hard earned money on getting a caravan which is why we have gathered some basic tips you should know before buying and towing a caravan. For more information, please log on to 

Tips you should know before Towing a Caravan 

  1. Tow bars must be type approved; this means that the types of tow bars with which you are towing your caravan must meet the regulations of your country and should also ensure that it is designed for your car.  
  1. Whenever you have the need to tow your caravan, make sure that there are no passengers in it. It is strictly prohibited to carry passengers in a caravan that is being towed. 
  1. The speed limit for towing a caravan is 50mph on single carriageways and 60 mph for double carriage ways. Make sure you are following the speed limits or else be ready to face the ticket charges. 
  1. The rear light panel of your caravan must be working at all times of the towing process and should be visible to make sure you check it before driving off and keep an eye out for any changes if required during your journey. 
  1. Any trailer that weighs more than 750 kilograms including the load weight must have a working brake system. 
  1. Try to keep the van as light as possible with the heavy items low down close to the axle of the caravan. 

Every year as summer gets into full swing and the school vacations approach, you can witness that the motorways are full of people enjoying their holidays and preparing their caravans. As much as all this sounds fun and exciting for those who are planning their vacations, preparing to go on a caravan holiday can sometimes be stressful. The stress may be whether everything is packed or not? Whether the kids have been put in the car or not? Is the caravan safely attached or not? Lastly, what matters is are all the tools and equipment ready if need be for towing a caravan. To help you with the caravan towing in Melbourne matter, we have gathered some instructions that may help you to make your trip successful. So follow the tips mentioned above to make your summer holidays just the way you planned it to be.  transportation-services