Scott Kind’s Road Bike

We all have seen bicycles racing on the track looks amazing and fascinating at the same time, but has anybody asked this query why the handles are twisted completely and why the racer is totally bent over the cycle and riding it like hell fire, in addition to this has anyone asked the name of that bike? Anyways enough of guess work.. It’s actually a specific type of a bike known as “Scott kids road bike ” doesn’t mean there is a kid name Scott so relax! 

Thin but strong tires, sleek straight forward frame made of steel with twisted metal handles are some common attributes of a Scott bike. The answer to the next question is, they use this kind of a ride for racing because it allows the rider to maintain a suitable shape to race. Why arrow is always pointed and sharp from the edge reason is? it helps to tear the air aside and maintain the speed in order to hit the target. Same is the case with Scott Bike and rider on it, twisted handles are purposely made so that racer holds it and bent over (which actually helps to maintain the shape with head down) allows the racer to tear the air and speed up to reach the target. 

There are certain names which are so popular in the world of bikes/bicycle like: Trek FX 2 Disc, Vilano Shadow 3.0, Giant SCR 1 Road Bike Bicycle, Kona Rove NRB DL, Brompton M6L Folding Bike, Tern Link C8 Folding Bike, Dahon Bikes mariner D8 8 Speed Light Aluminum Portable Folding Bicycle, Electra Townie Go! Bike. This is not just limited to the names mentioned above, list is so long that it could take pages to tell. To ride a bike is thrill but when we talk specifically about Scott bike, racer face issues with their back as they have to stay bent for hours (at least more than an hour) which generates permanent aches in neck and back. Usually normal mountain bikes, cruiser bikes and all are easy to handle (as these are not used exclusively for race) and doesn’t allow fast track rides.  

There is another  weird but famous type of bicycle is known as ‘Hybrid Bicycles’ which is a mid-way of mountain and a racing style bicycles actually which considered as an alternate of European style utility bikes in North America. Consist of a light body, moderate gauge wheels and straight curved back, touring handlebars for more upright riding. Trekking bike which is considered as a hybrid version among bicycles with all necessary accessories like mudguards, pannier rack, light etc. 

Among the family of bicycle BXR, BMX is really taken as a light bodied metal mixed with majority aluminum mixed (which actually makes the frame stronger and lighter at the same time). All in all Scott bike ride is fun to take but takes courage to ride for hours. Beat the speed that is the moto of this bike…