Different Roof Types For Houses

When building a house for yourself, you give attention to every major and minor detail to be covered. Among the most important structures in a house, the roof tends to have its own preference. Being an important barrier, it helps prevent the interior of your house from adverse weather conditions. Modern architectural trends allow us to choose from a variety of different types of roofs to be installed in the house. Also, the choice of materials has its own range to select from.  

Various roofing materials  
Along with choosing a specific roof shape, the choice of material used also becomes very important. The market offers a variety of roofing materials, including: 

  • Asphalt shingles 
  • Metal roofing 
  • Wood shake roof 
  • Slate roof 

Roof Designs 
Every homeowner chooses a particular roof design according to his own preference and priorities. There are different options to choose from. 

  1. Flat roof  
    Flat roof design has many advantages; the major one is the added roof space to arrange for multipurpose sitting area for a gathering or bbq etc. The space can also be utilized for the installation of solar panels and water tank. Unlike its name, a flat roof has a slight pitch that isn’t obvious; this allows easy draining of water.  
  2. Pyramid hip roof 
    One of the simplest types of roofs for houses, a pyramid hip roof has four slanted sides. The slides meet at one point which is the tip of the roof. This roofing shape is advantageous because it lacks ridges. Ridges are likely to leak and get damaged. Another benefit is that pyramid hip roofs have eaves on all sides. These roof eaves provide extra shade during the summer to keep you cool. 
  3. Gable roof 
    This is most notably the most common type of roof shape, which is characterized by two slopes that meet at the top and the sides of the slopes are open. The advantages of having the type of roof are as under: 
  • It is quite affordable  
  • They are designed to prevent snow build-up 
  • You have the option of designing your roof in many ways 

Shed roof 
It is also known by the name of skillion roof, characterized by a single slope. This type of roof is also quite affordable, chosen specially by homeowners who don’t require an attic space.  

Curved roof 
Curved roofing systems are not just aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, they reduce the indoor temperature. As a result, you feel cooler because they receive less sunlight. You can customize a curved roof depending on your design preferences and location. Homeowners who live in windy areas may need a curved roof with a lower slope. For more information, please log on on to https://www.hookysroofing.sydney/

An important aspect of a house is the roof. Homeowners take their time to select the best Colorbond roof replacement in Sydney and materials, that suit the climate conditions as well as the budget. Roof designs include flat roof, shed roof, curved roof, gable roof, pyramid hip roof etc. colorbond_roofing_finished