Top 3 Things You Should Prepare For Your Wedding Day

It’s almost everyone’s dream to get married and have their own family. And for many couples, getting married needs a lot of planning and financing. The wedding day should be memorable since this is a once in a lifetime event where not only 2 persons are united, but also their entire family and friends that bear witness to the special ceremony.
Preparations should be made starting from the venue where the wedding ceremony will be held, up to the reception after the wedding where guest can eat and be entertained. You should also get skilled make-up artists to do the bride’s But to make this event more unforgettable, there are top 3 things you should prepare well for your wedding day:

  • Food
    After a long ceremony at the church, the guests will be looking forward to the reception and festivities that will surely happen. Any event would not be festive without good food and drinks. Make sure you serve delicious food during your wedding, so don’t ever skip the taste test before that day comes!
    Don’t forget to serve full-course meals – from scrumptious appetizers, fulfilling soups, the main course, side dishes, desserts and of course, the wedding cake! You can even set up a desserts buffet where everyone can get sweet treats that are as sweet as your marriage.
    • Hair and Makeup
      All eyes are on the bride during the wedding day, so it is very important to make her the most beautiful woman in the ceremony. The bride’s hairstyle and makeup should match the style of her wedding dress – and this can be easily done with a professional artist from the best hair salon Sydney near your area.Aside from the bride, all ladies and gents need to look good for the wedding. The bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests will need a little touch-up to look great for the wedding too! The team of make-up artists that you hire for this day should take care of this too.
      • Cameraman and videographer
        Of course, what’s a wedding without proper documentation? With a professional cameraman and videographer, you and your partner (and your families and friends) can relive this wonderful day over and over again for years to come. Every detail and precious moment will be captured in live and vivid color.
        Aside from the wedding day itself, you also need a photographer before the wedding day to take your pre-nuptial photos. Your pre-nup photos can be used in your wedding invitations, tarps and other announcement cards regarding your