Throwing A Party For Your Old Man

Having a party is always fun. It is a time for good food, family and friends and music to dance the night away. Throwing a party for someone else is even more exciting, especially the surprise kind where you need to deduce that they might like and what they won’t but the whole planning is all yours and you can do as you please. While we frequently throw parties for our friends, girlfriends or boyfriends or even a spouse, we rarely throw one for our parents. It is not because we don’t love them or find their birthdays special, it is more the reason that we don’t know what they would want or like because of the generation gap between you. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Pick a theme

First off, pick a theme always. However, just like your own crazy themed parties, find something exciting but something associated with the great wars or Elvis Presley. Find out the most interesting occurrences during your father’s or grandfather’s youth and use those as a theme to the party and go all out. You might not have noticed, but you might be carrying on the legacy of being a party animal from these great folks. Pick a 70s themed party and demand everyone wear bellbottoms and floral printed shirts. The décor need not be over the top but make sure it spells out the theme for everyone to understand. 

Food and music to go with the theme

Food and music along with the decorations and the clothes is what makes up the theme. So do not resolve to crepes and champagne after organizing a 70s party. Rather go crazy with the chips and soda and maybe even have a few cigars or better yet a roll your own tobacco stall.

You can easily purchase these cigars Australia online and get them delivered right to you. Make sure to have the massive punch bowls and a variety of dips for the chips. Couple it with a few staple foods just to make sure everyone has something to eat which does not interfere with their diabetes or cholesterol. Check this link if you are looking for cigars Australia online.

The music is universal. While some will prefer the classics and a ballroom dance, others will like to do the boogie. Whichever one your old man likes, download and have a playlist to keep going through the night. Just because they are older does not mean they do not use the modern facilities, so hire a DJ but make sure to give him an exact playlist with the songs you want.